Friday, November 14, 2008

Autumn is here in full force! Summer fun is over, bathing suits have been exchanged for warm wool and snuggly fleece. The kids are back in school and the holiday season is approaching! Don't forget, during these busy busy weeks ahead, to stop and take a moment to yourself!

On that note, I have chosen to talk about scrubs today! Body scrubs are generally made from a blend of exfoliants such as Sea Salt, a variety of sugars or wonderful grains such as Oats blended with skin loving Oils. They are a wonderful way to pamper your skin, and, with careful choices of Essential Oil Blends, to also nourish your soul!


I have some very special scrub made up for my guest spot with the Club Thread 2nd Annual Birthday Bash! This blend is made of such precious oils as Sandalwood Mysore, Iron Distilled Patchouli, Frankincense, smokey Vetiver and Cocoa Absolute. It is deep, dark, smokey and seductive. My scrub is available in 2 sizes along with many other wonderful items at

If you have never used a body scrub before, here is a quickie how to!

While in your shower or bath, take a small amount of body scrub into your hand-about a teaspon or so, and use a circular motion to gently rub all over your body. Add more to the palm of your hand as needed, two to three tablespoons should be sufficient to do your entire body but some choose to use more generous amounts.

Take special care to avoid the sensitive areas of your face, neck and the bottoms of your feet.

Rinse away the exfoliating scrub with water and follow with your favorite handmade soap, if you desire. Carefully exit your bathing area and pat your body dry with a warm towel or air dry.

Always use care while using your scrub and when exiting your bathing area, you and your shower area will be slippery!

That's it! Rub on, rinse off, be careful as you get out! The exfoliating salt, sugar or grain in your scrub will gently remove dead skin cells while the skin loving oils will sooth and shine your skin. Try a mint scrub on Monday morning for a great start to your day and a seductive earthy blend on date night!

You can see our other current variety of scrubs at our etsy shoppe Thanks for reading

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lissa said...

oh my gosh, selena!! your scrubs look yummy :-)