Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Morning!

its a freezing cold day here in Northern California :) I decided today I would work on my blog!

Today I have spent the morning taking photos of new soaps and thinking about the election. I feel energized and excited about the changes that are happening in our government and what it could mean for our country. I recorded Barack Obama's speech to share with my son. It was a pround moment to share with him. He is 8 and starting to become interested in the world around him. I am so proud of him. We discussed why I supported Obama and why his Grandparents supported McCain. I also had him watch John McCain's speech and talked with him about how he was gracious and how they both seem so passionate about our country and willing to work together to make things happen in our world.

Ok, I know, you all don't want to hear about my political views ;) So I will share with you the fun new soaps I have listed!

Please check out my etsy shoppe today I added ~Blooming Absinthe ~ a glorious and mysterious blend of Lavender and Anise Essential oils, ~Green Goddess~ a joyfully seductive blend of Ylang Ylang and Patchouli, ~Patchouli~ just divine if you are a Patchouli lover ;) and several others.

Please come take a look! Check out for my Aromatherapy post coming up soon! I will discuss my Aromatherapeutical approach to soapmaking!

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