Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good Morning everyone!

Can you beleive that it is almost time for the frenzy of Christmas shopping? I am definitely a home made Christmas kind of gal, myself. But I have a secret... well, not really a secret, but a little piece of my soul to share with you. I have to step out into the frenzy alone at least once in the season. It seems to recharge and reenergize me for the season.

You see, when I was growing up, my maternal grandmother was the evening manager of a large floral supply/craft store in Redondo Beach, Ca. Not the huge megamart type of today, but a place where you could go and find the most amazing things scattered around... they had hideously expensive floral design goodies, baby shower stuff, wedding stuff... and... a WHOLE BACK OF THE STORE dedicated to CHRISTMAS. twinkly lights... decorated trees... trains and ornaments. They started Christmas music on the 5th of July every year and didn't stop unti January. I used to love looking at the gorgeous trees with the most beautiful ornaments on them. Fantastical Birds with feathers, velvet, gems.... Huge toy soldier nutcrackers... wreaths and garlands and the slightly musty smell of faux flowers blended with Pine, Cinnamon and Spice.

And I got to see my Grandma... always working...always creating... My Mom says I am so much like her that it drives her crazy sometimes. one day she would come home from school and see my Grandma building shelves. The next day it would be piles of Chinese Food and cookbooks and ingredients scattered everywhere. Another day would be Doll Clothes, Flower Arranging, Needlework.. Always a suprise, always doing SOMETHING. But my Mother, my mommy, my friend.... she is not crafty. She decorates a mean Christmas tree and is a fabulous cook... Loves to have a warm, welcoming, yummy fragranced home. Loves to make us food and protect us and hold us close and just be there for her family, her children and grandchildren. But she doesn't have a crafty bone in her body. It is as if her DNA stored it up and sent it straight to me in utero....

So. I make a lot of our gifts, or trade and buy handmade from others. I avoid Walmart and Sears like the plague on most days. I step into the mall maybe 2 or 3 times a year. But during the Christmas season.... I go to the Mall... on purpose... and just soak it all in :D

Thanks, Grandma, for sharing the magic and passion of Creating with me. I miss you.


kim* said...

well i am not buying anything this year for anyone. i have been collecting wins from blog giveaways and contest and such,wooo!

Selena said...

what a great way to gather holiday gifts. I wish i was lucky enough for that :))